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Respect the environment and prevent pollution through the efficient and responsible use of natural resources, ensuring compliance with current regulations, meeting the needs of our customers through continuous improvement in our operations.

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Our Goals

To become the leading company in Mexico in the management of Municipal Solid Waste, as well as in the recycling and treatment, until 100% of the recieved waste is reused or processed. 


To Contribute on the improvement of the environment, satisfying the society’s needs, to make available to the municipality, state, federal and private companies, as well as society in general, an ecologically sound place to deposit municipal solid waste and industrial wastes, using state-of-the-art technology, minimizing the impact on the environment and complying with environmental legal provisions. 

The Company

Who are we

 Tecnosilicatos de Mexico SA de CV (TM), is a socially responsible Mexican company specialized in waste management, having as main activities:
The recycling, treatment and final disposal of municipal solid waste. Sanitation of sites related to the management of urban and special solid waste. 

Our Services

Municipal Solid Waste Reception

Reception of non-hazardous solid waste and industrial wastes, in our facilities, with the confidence that they comply with the federal, state and municipal environmental regulations, particularly the Official Mexican Standard NOM-083-SEMARNAT-2003. 

Construction Wastes Reception

We receive construction waste (rubble and gravel), and we are authorized by the Government of the Federal District and the Government of the State of Mexico, to receive it. 

Destruction of Expired Products, Documents, and other Fiscal Destruction.

Destruction of your files and / or outdated, defective or out of season products that you wish to discontinue or destroy ensuring that such products are properly destroyed and confined. 


Remediation and repair actions tending to return, through environmental control, the natural characteristics of the site used as final deposit of municipal solid waste, once it has been closed, so that it is in harmony with the environment and does not offer risks to the health of the population or pollution to the environment. 

Creation of New Final Disposition Sites (Landfill)

Design, Construction and Operation of a new final disposal site, in accordance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-083-SEMARNAT-2003, including investment in infrastructure, such as cells, access roads, handling of leachates and biogas, offices, bathrooms, access control, scales. 

Transfer Stations

The design, construction and operation of Transfer Stations, including the equipment for the reception and compaction of waste, the construction and installation of all the necessary infrastructure. 

Generation of Electrical Energy

The design, construction and operation of electric power generating plants, through the collection and conversion of the gas generated by the waste confined in Sanitary Landfills until it is converted into electricity, using the technologies for the use of the residual calorific value of the waste. 



Certificates and Recognition

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate

Recognition from the Secretary of Environment

Hours of Operation at Ixtapaluca


 Kilómetro 36.5 Carretera Federal México - Puebla, Secc Loma Ancha Fracc I Ex-Hacienda Zoquiapan, 56530 Ixtapaluca, Méx. 

Mon - Sun: 24 hrs

Only with appointment

Hours of Operation at the Transfer Station in Tultitlan


Avenida las Torres s/n, 54957 Sierra de Guadalupe, Mex. 

Mon - Sat: 7am - 8pm

Sun: 8am -5pm 

Only with appointment

Contact Us

Contact Us

We want to know about you and how we can solve your waste management needs. 


AV DE LAS TORRES SN, Sierra de Guadalupe, Tultitlán, MX 54957, MX

55 3868 0940

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